Experiences of some large organisations


‘Very user-friendly and with the functionalities we were looking for. Thanks RouteVision, we are “unburdened” very well, so we can concentrate on the things that are important to our customers.’

‘Very pleasant to have an insight now into the journeys that employees within the organisation make with our cars. A nice additional benefit besides of course the consistent journey registration for the tax authorities.’

‘It has become a lot easier to take a car when visiting a customer. The journey registration now goes automatically, so we as an organisation need not spend time on that any more, fortunately.’

‘One of our teams pointed out RouteVision’s possibilities for large organisations to us. It turned out to be an excellent investment, with which we are very satisfied after a year of use.’

‘We were already using RouteVision when we still used a limited vehicle fleet. Now that we have more cars, it only becomes clearer what the benefits of a reliable system for full mileage registration are.’

‘Glad to have a journey registration system now that meets the guidelines of the tax authorities. This saves us inspections and audits which would cost us time, and therefore money.’