Journey registration without mobile phones is outdated

24 February 2017 – by RouteVision Netherlands

The mobile phone has become a smartphone and is able to browse websites and plan complete routes for hikers, cyclists and drivers alike. So it is no surprise that the mobile phone is becoming increasingly important for journey registration as well.

Manual journey registration has become hopelessly outdated for enterprises. Some enterprises make it possible to enter the journeys made via the mobile phone, but really progressive enterprises use built-in hardware for this and an automatic journey registration. Via the mobile phone advanced reports can be requested.

Tracking manually no longer

The times when employees had to record their journeys manually are now definitely over, for we are not one step further, we have made two steps by now. Previously, the mobile phone provided digital entering options, but now it is able to record the journeys automatically and show reports of them.

Employees save much time because they no longer have to record their journeys automatically, while having an insight (as have their employers) into the journeys made an, for instance, the overall productivity of that day.

Rittenregistratie Black Box

Report based on mobile data

The combination of software and hardware has the future, making automatic journey registration possible. At the same time, this combination makes manual registration immediately hopelessly outdated. Enterprises can save a lot of time and capacity by using the automatic systems, leaving them more time to be of service to their customers.

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