temp. €3,75 per month



temp. €3,75 per month

Care-free driving with RouteVision

Automatic. Secure.
Reliable vehicle tracking.

User-friendly tracking systems for freelancers and SMEs

  • Makes it possible to track vehicles
  • Accurately records every journey without errors
  • Reports hours worked and time spent at each location
  • Saves time and fuel

Journey and mileage recording for freelancers, SMEs and large businesses. Simple, reliable, cost-effective. 100% GDPR-proof!

Available for a limited time only for € 3.75 per month for automatic recording and maximum control over your vehicle fleet.

No obligations, it’s up to you



Automatic parking payment

RouteVision makes parking cheaper and easier. Your parking sessions can start and stop fully automatically. You can't go wrong and you never pay too much. Every month you receive all parking costs on one monthly invoice.

Journey recording

Are you regularly invoicing too few hours to your customers because the work orders are incorrect? Our automatic journey recording system records all journeys and hours spent at each location, both for business and private purposes. Multiple vehicles? GPS and data connection allow live tracking of all vehicles and productivity on the road. If you have a company vehicle, you can easily record which journeys are for private and business purposes using a journey recording system.

Mileage recording

Mileage recording can be important when invoicing customers. Or when calculating travel expenses. RouteVision makes mileage recording child’s play. You can view every vehicle with exact timings, mileages, and GPS locations directly via your online portal. And the best thing about it is you don't have to lift a finger.

Track & trace

With Track & Trace, you can view the current status of your company vehicles at any time on an interactive map. Compile data from all vehicles and deploy your staff based on information about location, traffic, availability, and expertise. This will allow you to increase the efficiency of your team as well as improve your customer relations. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Fleet management

Keep on top of all your company cars and improve efficiency. Save fuel, time, and money. Improve your service at the same time by deploying the right people for the right (last-minute) jobs. The system also records all mileage and journeys. For small and large vehicle fleets. Even for your company.

RouteVision tracking systems for only 12 euro-cents per day, for a limited time only

Journey management for less than the cost of a cup of coffee each day. Calculate your savings here. Thousands of satisfied customers can’t be wrong!


Everything under control
via your online portal

Create an account and gain access to your online portal. You can access your account details, the vehicle tracking system, your journey management, and your reports anywhere, any time.


and easy

Creating a RouteVision account is quick and easy. Simply contact our Sales Team: +31 88 712 71 20 or info@routevision.com. We’ll help you get started.



The RouteVision online portal is available 24/7. Whenever you want, and wherever you are: at the office, at home, on the couch, or on holiday in Italy. It couldn’t be easier.


Data is

You will have access to the vehicle tracking system. This allows you to see where all your vehicles are on a clear map. You can view the number of hours worked, communicate with customers, and save on fuel costs. How great is that?

Many thousands of satisfied customers can’t be wrong

The RouteVision tracking system makes driving care-free and convenient, with no need to record your journeys and mileage yourself. What’s more, you’ll also comply with all GDPR requirements.

What our customers are saying about us


Ideal for time recording

“An ideal tool for time recording. Stores records from really far in the past if needed. Easy to use. Always works well, even on my mobile phone.”

SME owner:

The perfect solution

“We don't want to disturb our furniture installers all the time by calling them up to find out which customer they’re with or when the next customer is expecting them. That’s why it’s important for us to know where our vehicles are. RouteVision offers the perfect solution, with all the necessary information about location, route, time, mileage, and so on.”

Vehicle fleet manager:

Overview of your vehicle fleet

“We have been a satisfied customer of RouteVision for many years. The system works flawlessly, and is handy for getting an overview of your vehicle fleet and employees’ movements. The system has also proven useful for identifying or disputing infringements.”