Technology is important to RouteVision. After all, without the developments in the field of technology our product would be just an ordinary device with some lights on it. Here you will find all pages concerning the technical side of the story. We will gladly explain to you how it works and what it does.

RouteVision journey registration system

The technology of the RouteVision journey registration system is unmatched and we will gladly show you why. We are using a GPS signal in combination with a reliable 3G connection to collect the important journey data and make them available in the online environment and the app in real time. We use the most powerful GPS receiver, which can be simply connected to the OBD plug in the car.

RouteVision journey registration system

Black box for the car

The black box for the car is small, but very intelligent. The black box gives you an insight into the mobility of your employees: you can see where they have been; how long and how fast they drove; whether they have braked hard and even if fuel costs can be reduced, per journey. So the device is even clever enough to calculate for you how you can drive cost-effectively the next time. For many of our customers this means saving money instead of worrying about administration.

RouteVision Black Box