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temp. €3,75 per month


How it works

Our tracking system is so simple that you work directly with it yourself. But don't get us wrong: there is some seriously smart technology behind that little box. In fact, our tracking system is the most advanced on the market. Read on to find more about the technology.

Blackbox auto

Black box: small but smart

If you choose RouteVision, we fit a black box in your vehicle in a flash. This black box may be small, but it is surprisingly smart:

  • GPS receiver – for communicating with satellites
  • SIM card – for unlimited mobile data throughout Europe
  • Internal memory – for storing data that has not yet been transmitted to the server
  • Internal battery
Even more possibilities

Do you have vehicles with multiple drivers? Then you can use driver identification. Each driver receives their own ID key, so it is clear who was driving for each journey. Do you use a car for both business and private purposes? You can use the app to record this, saving you time on admin.

Having your black box fitted: a piece of cake

Are you worried about getting the black box fitted? Don't sweat it! We fit it whenever it suits you, even on a Saturday. Our own specialized technicians will do the job for you. They get the job done in the time it takes you to drink a cup of coffee.

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Collecting and storing data

The black box collects a treasure trove of journey data. We store this data in ISO 27001-certified data centers in the EU. Your data is available 24/7 via an extremely secure cloud, and is also well protected by strict European privacy legislation. We back up your data every day and store it in line with currently applicable fiscal and GDPR rules. The data belongs to you. The tax office and other third parties cannot access it. If you are subject to an inspection, you can print out a tax report yourself.








24/7 online portal

Via your online portal, you have 24/7 access to your account information, the vehicle tracking system, and your journey and mileage management. You can access the portal from any device with a web browser.

Who is driving where?

View vehicle locations on a clear interactive map showing information on current road conditions, for example traffic jams, road closures, and accidents. You can see exactly who is driving where, and can deploy your drivers as efficiently as possible. Select all vehicles, a specific group, or a specific vehicle, and view their status. This gives you an insight into how far away they are, what speeds they are driving at, and how long they are stationary for.

Printing out reports

Via your online portal you can consult reports on journeys made, hours worked, and time spent per location. You can download this data and save your journey logbook to your computer. This allows you to generate reports for all vehicles or drivers, a specific group of vehicles or drivers, or a specific vehicle or specific driver.

Routevision app monitor schermopname rapporten ritten engels

Journeys made

  • License plate
  • Driver
  • Business or private
  • Departure date, time, and address
  • Arrival date, time, and address
  • Duration, distance, and maximum speed per journey
Routevision app monitor schermopname rapporten gewerkte uren engels

Hours worked

  • Date
  • License plate
  • Driver
  • Departure time and address
  • Arrival time and address
  • Hours worked, number of journeys, and total distance travelled
Routevision app monitor schermopname rapporten gewerkte uren engels

Time spent at location

  • Date
  • License plate
  • Driver
  • Business or private
  • Address of location
  • Arrival date and time
  • Departure date and time
  • Time spent at each location

RouteVision app

The RouteVision app is free to download on Android or iOS. You can use the app to:

  • View the most recent location of a vehicle on Google Maps
  • Show the current mileage for the vehicle (correction journey—a fictitious journey to calibrate the distances measured by the odometer)
  • Register your presence at a Belgian construction site via Checkinatwork
  • View journeys:
    • Date and time of departure and arrival
    • Departure and arrival address
    • Route taken
    • Driver
    • Select: private or business journey
    • Add a comment to the journey
    • Enter mileage for private purposes (for combined journeys)
    • Add a comment for the private mileage
Many thousands of satisfied customers can’t be wrong

The RouteVision tracking system makes driving care-free and convenient, with no need to record your journeys and mileage yourself. What’s more, you’ll also comply with all GDPR requirements.

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With Track & Trace, you can always view the current status of your company vehicles. Compile data from all vehicles and deploy your staff based on information about location, traffic, availability, and expertise.

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