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Black box for the car

The black box for the car is small, but very intelligent. The black box gives you an insight into the mobility of your employees: you can see where they have been; how long and how fast they drove; whether they have braked hard and even if fuel costs can be reduced, per journey. The device is even clever enough to calculate for you how you can drive cost-effectively the next time. For many of our customer this means saving money instead of worrying about administration.

What is a black box?


A black box is a small black box that is usually placed into company cars. So it is the business car in particular that benefits from it. In fact, it is an advanced car tracker: you need not be late to the game anymore, as with RouteVision’s system you can consult all data live yourself. As a result, you are always informed.

RouteVision’s black box measures the kilometres made, uses GPS for localising the vehicle and keeps track of all kinds of other interesting data. It is the heart of automation of mileage registration, so you don’t need to do this manually anymore.

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Various reports

The coordinates of the mobile network are passed on to the RouteVision servers minute by minute. The system is constantly connected to the GPS satellites to determine an accurate position. Next, the positions and times are recorded in various reports. The vehicles can also be traced live on the map.

To gain access to an overview of your vehicles, you can login through the website you are currently visiting. Logging in gives you an insight into various reports, including the journeys made, hours worked, time on site and much more!

Installation of the device

The black box is installed within 15 minutes, completely out of view for the driver. It suffices to make an appointment with one of our technicians, who can take care of installation at any location if desired.

The device can be installed quickly by appointment. After installation the system is operational right away and with the next journey you can already count on registration from A to B.

Black Box Benefits


The benefits of this small device are not evident to everyone right away. For this reason, we always contact our customers to find out how they experience the device. These are the benefits experienced by our customers:

Always up to date

With a black box you stay up to date about the kilometres made, without having to use complex systems for this.

Installation by an expert

Installation of the black box is done by a trained expert. This makes installation quick and easy!

Full service guarantee

RouteVision offers a full-service guarantee on the black box, its installation and use.

Real-time insight

When you log in, you see all vehicles move across the map live (real-time). This makes monitoring so much easier for you.

Very accurate

The advanced GPS signal used by the black box is accurate to a few inches.

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Price of the black box

You do not pay any entry fees nor any additional costs. So the price is an all-in monthly amount. We make sure that you are ready for full use of the black box within 15 minutes. After installation (installed into the car completely invisibly) it is ready for use. So it takes just fifteen minutes as an investment into installation time. Your accounts will always be balanced as a result of this investment, though.

Rittenregistratie Black Box

Frequently asked questions about the black box

These are frequently asked questions about the black box. If your question is not among them, or do you want to speak to someone, you can of course phone us. Our service desk will gladly help you find the right answer to your question.

How do I use this device?
You need not push any button. After installation you just drive away, and you will see the data of your journey by logging on to the website.

What about the purchase?
Unlike many other suppliers you do not buy the black box from us. The price of the device is included in the monthly rate. You pay nothing at all.

How does it work?
The device connects to a network of satellites to determine the location of the device. Next, it sends a highly accurate location to our servers using the Global Positioning System (GPS). The device is constantly doing this until the vehicle stops.

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