How do I use the black box?

19 June 2017 – by RouteVision Netherlands

Do you use the RouteVision black box and are you curious how it works? We take care of free installation in your car, on a place that is invisible to the driver. Next, the black box does its work automatically, you don’t have to do anything. So you can’t really call it active use. You will mainly be concerned with the back of the system, for you can view all data collected by the black box.

Real-time functionality

The most advanced black box developed by RouteVision gives you insight in real time into the location of your vehicle(s) and keeps track of the data required for a consistent mileage registration. You don’t have to do anything for that. For you, it only becomes interesting on the back of the system, after logging in.

Rittenregistratie Black Box

Reports generated by the black box

The reports generated by the black box can be viewed by clicking (top right here) login in the menu. With the data provided by us you then see a screen where you can click on the various reports and filters. You see exactly what has happened with your cars, and using that data you can calculate yourself if you can drive more economically.

Installation of the black box

Invisible installation in the car

Before you can use the black box our own technicians take care of the professional installation. We make an appointment for this, at your location if desired. We need 15 minutes maximum to install the black box. There is no charge for this, we cover the costs.

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