Ideal mileage and journey registration app

RouteVision offers: the ideal vehicle tracking and journey registration app. Customers of RouteVision will all be using the app soon. See in real time the position of your vehicle(s) on your smartphone, with the RouteVision app. You have everything at hand and insight into the registered journeys anywhere in the world. See the journeys made and receive convenient tips for saving fuel as well.

The app for journey registration (vehicle tracking system) will be available for both iOS and Android. This means you can use it right away on your iPhone or Android smartphone. The app combines a user-friendly setup with professional options for the journey administration. All this for the sake of efficiency: so from now on, you have all important journey data with you. We will gladly discuss all functions and benefits of the journey registration via the telephone with you in the time to come.

Benefits of our journey registration app

The Route Vision journey registration app works both easier and swifter. It makes mileage registration well-organised, even if you are abroad and only have your smartphone or tablet with you.

On the road, always up to date

The Route Vision app for journey registration is always up to date, we implement the latest changes continuously for you and via the app you always get the latest updates.

This way, you always have the most up-to-date version, in which we offer the latest functionalities and with which you can simply check the journey administration.

Watch journeys in real time

Use the RouteVision app while on the road: watch the journeys made in the last period. You have insight in all data, easily combined in a user-friendly app for smartphones.

We present the advanced reports in a convenient format, by the way, so you can watch it without problems on the screen of a mobile phone too!

Full control, if you want it

Thanks to the overview of the journeys made with your vehicle(s) you can simply assess productivity and search for possibilities to improve. Want to implement changes in the registration or check where other vehicles are at the moment? It is possible using the RouteVision app, so you have access to all highlights by opening the app.

Operating systems RouteVision App

Journey registration is easier, swifter and simpler. Just log in with your data and from that moment on monitor all vehicles. Of course you want to know on what operating systems the RouteVision will be available. For that reason we have selected the most used devices: iOS and Android operating systems.

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Keep track of your journey registration on the iPhone, for we want to make it easy for you. The app will also be available for iOS. If you have an iPhone, you will soon be able to download the app via the App store. This way, we ensure that you can do the journey administration, so you won’t always need the computer anymore.

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If you have an Android telephone, you can simply check the journey registration from the app from now on. The RouteVision app is available to you from the Google Play Store, so you can use it with your Android smartphone. We recommend that you always upgrade to the latest and available version of the operating system so you can make maximum use of the functionalities of the app.

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All-in-one app

Important functions

The RouteVision app contains a number of important functions brought to your smartphone by the journey registration. On your phone, you have an insight into all required data and important statistics, so you can manage your vehicle fleet all by yourself and map its productivity. With advanced reports in a user-friendly environment we make sure you always have the data you want. The app contains the following convenient functions and components:


Driving carefree is great

Driving carefree is great, especially if you can get insight into the journey with one push of the button.

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Rittenregistratie via Smartphone

Rittenregistratie via de smartphone is nog nooit zo makkelijk geweest. Even op de telefoon kijken of alles nog goed gaat en u kunt weer verder met uw eigen werk.

RouteVision heeft de ideale rittenregistratie app! U pakt de ritten van de dag er nu nog gemakkelijker bij met de nieuw ontwikkelde app. Door uw smartphone (iOS of Android) te gebruiken kunt u overal ter wereld inloggen en direct aan de slag.

Frequently asked questions about the app

Where can I obtain the app?

At the moment, you can use the app for your phone only if you apply for the open beta test and are a customer of RouteVision. Your application is reviewed on the basis of some data that you have entered. If your registration is approved, you can join the beta test.

Who can use the app?

The RouteVision journey registration was made especially for our customers. You can log on to the app with your account details and get access to your journey administration.

What is an open beta test?

An open beta is a test period for which you can apply. If you are accepted as a beta tester you can use the app as if it is ready. During the beta we test if everything runs smoothly. It may be that some things require extra attention before the app can be published and becomes available to the public.

Why would I need the app?

The RouteVision app is especially convenient if you want to have a quick overview. Besides the web version you will normally see via your computer, it offers additional advanced functionalities. We make sure that you easily have full control over the journey administration on an iOS or Android smartphone, and we hope you will benefit from this and that your journey administration will take less time.

How long does the beta take, when can I use the live app?

In general the beta period takes as long as it takes for the version to be sufficiently stable. Of course, it is a drag if the version you will be provided with jams continuously or gives problems. We remove these until virtually no problems are left.

What does the app or its use cost?

The download of the app for the journey administration on iPhone or Android is completely free and the use of the app is also free of charge. You pay a fixed low monthly amount for the use of RouteVision. The use of the app is included in this amount. Full overview of your journeys while on the road, the up-to-date position of vehicles and all reports on a row: without additional costs.

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