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The technology of the RouteVision journey registration system is unmatched and we will gladly show you why. We use a GPS signal in combination with a reliable 3G connection for collecting the important journey data and make it available in the online environment and the app in real time. We use the most powerful GPS receiver, which can easily be plugged in in your car. The user-friendly online environment and our new journey registration app translate the raw data into valuable insights about the driving behaviour and the performance of the vehicle fleet.

Thanks to accurate GPS positioning and the stable data connection for real-time insight, you take advantage of various benefits for employees and employers. RouteVision is a professional journey registration system for the management of your vehicle fleet, working in a highly intuitive way. See also the reviews of our satisfied customers.

How the Global Positioning System (GPS) works

How GPS works can be easily explained using the illustrations below. A reliable GPS signal ensures accurate positioning within the journey registration system. Its functioning consists of 3 steps:

Rittenregistratie GPS Satelliet

The hardware in the car contacts a minimum of 3 satellites to determine the location of your car as accurately as possible.

Rittenregistratie Server

The hardware sends the data to the RouteVision servers via GPS. Your data is processed on the servers.

GPS Data Services

You can look at the data on the Internet by logging into this website using a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

What is GPS and how does it work?

GPS means Global Positioning System. It is a technology that uses GPS satellites that revolve around the earth in a fixed orbit. They always fly at the same speed, so they always have the same position at the same times. A GPS receiver as the one in your phone or your car communicates with them effortlessly. A connection is created that is solely aimed at answering the question: where am I? The satellite tells you where you are by passing on the earth’s longitudes and latitudes to our servers..

After the GPS signal has become known

RouteVision goes on where others stop; after the GPS signal has become known via the satellites, this signal will be transmitted safely to the servers via 3G. 3G is very fast and thus ensures a highly accurate journey registration.FF


Location determination

The receiver in the car uses a GPS connection with 3 satellites to determine the location as accurately as possible. Besides, the receiver makes a connection with the board computer via the OBD connection. This means the system for journey registration also records the speed of the car, braking hard, accelerating harshly, the fuel level and can read any motor codes.


Via 3G to Data centre

The receiver will collect the important data from the car and send it via 3G from the journey registration systems in the black box to our data centre, where the servers are. The data is processed efficiently and added to the account and the right car. This is all done from our servers. We collect all information in real time with only a few seconds difference in data registration.


Driving behaviour analysis

Our algorithms analyse the data coming in and even give insight into the driver’s driving behaviour. This is all done on the basis of calculations on the journey data collected and, for instance, fuel levels. Our state-of-the-art algorithms translate into advice especially for you. It may occur that you are advised to change the tyres, change gears more often and accelerate less harshly.


Real time

Even during driving you could see in real time via a smartphone, laptop or other digital equipment with a 3G/4G connection which data your vehicle is collecting. All this in a user-friendly online environment. We are proud to have designed an intuitive system with which you can generate locations of vehicles, real-time warnings and personal reports with the aid of maps and plans.


The hardware in the car of the RouteVision customer of course has these highly advanced technologies. It is by far the most powerful GPS receiver we made. This has as a benefit for us that we have such satisfied customers. You benefit from a journey registration system that is always correct. View a nice conversation with one of our satisfied customers:

The GPS receiver for the journey registration system makes a connection with at least 3 satellites for highly accurate positioning. This yields the most useful data for the management of your vehicle fleet, as well as for automatic journey registration. The stable 3G data connection ensures reliable supply of the most important data for the journey registration.

Rittenregistratie Black Box

There it is, the RouteVision black box. Small, very compact and highly intelligent. If we may say so ourselves.


The black box hardware measures only 43x46x20mm and weighs just 32.1 grams. The integrated GPS receiver ensures real-time tracking, while the integrated 3G/GSM antenna makes the data connection with our servers possible. Of course the hardware is provided with a 3-axis accelerometer and GSM Jamming Detection, for measuring the most important data safely. The hardware for the journey registration system has a FCC certification and several LED status indicators.

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