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Journey registration

Recording journeys in business cars automatically

RouteVision’s Journey registration makes it possible to keep track of where your car has been without you having to worry about it.

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Why automatic journey registration?


Automatic journey registration has a number of nice characteristics. Read here why you can use automatic journey registration. Let us emphasise that saving money at the end of each journey does many of our customers a lot of good!


The RouteVision system is very simple in use. Even if you are a technophobe or know nothing about computers, you can get going as our customer. If you really can’t work it out, our friendly service desk will help you.


At any time you have access to a detailed overview of your journey registration. This way you can carry out a check or print a report in Excel (for Windows) or Numbers (for Mac) at any time.


Saving time, money and fuel through the use of the RouteVision Journey registration system is our great pride. The system is so smart that it helps you calculate better, more economical routes for frequent journeys.

Choose convenience and efficiency with the journey registration system of RouteVision, market leader and expert in this field. Request a quotation without any obligations now.

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Journey registration experiences

View all your journeys and daily statistics comfortably from your couch and maximise your productivity!

Martijn was looking for a system that he didn’t have to worry about. The system of RouteVision is the perfect solution. No longer recording journeys manually, giving Martijn more time for other work and saving him a lot of money.

Journey registration benefits



Many satisfied customers

Self-employed people, SME and large companies with several vehicles: they all go for RouteVision’s journey registration. We have strong ties with our customers, who provide us with feedback, so we can guarantee top quality.

In-house specialists 

Our own technicians install the system in your car. They need just 15 minutes of your time to make sure that you can immediately start working with automatic mileage registration.

Continuous insight

The GPS and data connection ensure real-time insight into your vehicle(s), the kilometres made and the overall productivity on the road. RouteVision provides 24/7 insight into all data, simply via the Internet. 

Fixed low price

The fixed low all-in price for RouteVision makes it an affordable choice. Driving carefree, with an administration you don’t need to worry about. No unexpected additional costs, always a fixed low price.

How does journey registration work?


How does journey registration via RouteVision really work? The journey registration system is a great invention, consisting of a number of different technical components. All these components contribute to a reliable and error-free journey registration. We use GPS tracking to measure where the car is on the globe. The 3G connection transmits the data; and you can see them using the online environment of RouteVision, which you can log on to with a computer, tablet or smartphone.


The hardware in the car of the RouteVision customer of course has these highly advanced technologies. It is by far the most powerful GPS receiver we made. This has as a benefit for us that we have such satisfied customers. You benefit from a journey registration system that is always correct. View a nice conversation with one of our satisfied customers:

Over Techniek RitRegistratieSysteem

Frequently asked questions about journey registration

We keep the list at hand of frequently asked questions from people who are not yet customers with us. This way, we hope that we can also answer your questions if you are just orienting yourself. If your question is not among them, of course you can contact us.

Is it a journey registration system without a monthly contract?

No, RouteVision uses a monthly contract which your purchase. With it, we can provide you continuously with service and support and carry out updates on the system for which you are not charged. This way, we can also keep innovating and guarantee that it all will continue to work.

How does the journey registration box work?

The system is installed into your car to enable you to consult the data your car is already collecting. With the box I mean of course the black box: a small, smart device which gives an insight into the car and its status, and can optimise your daily activities with ease.

The black box is installed within minutes, collects data including GPS coordinates and transmits them all in real time.

Can I use RouteVision journey registration for my taxi business? 

Without a doubt, RouteVision has the most advanced journey registration system. How many kilometres you drive, where you drive, how fast you drive or for which company does not make a difference.

We understand that your taxi or taxi business would like to enjoy our accurate measurements! Contact us and request a quotation, so we can also answer your other questions.

I have a Mac, can I use RouteVision?

Yes you can! All operating systems with a browser and an Internet connection can use RouteVision. So it doesn’t make a difference if you have a Mac or Windows computer; it works.

You can even consult your registration using a smartphone or tablet. Just by using the browser of these devices. It is very simple, even if you are not a technical expert.

How do I make my registration book with RouteVision?

If you are a customer and have logged in, then click on Reports. There, you can download data and keep or update your records. You can print your data at any time, you need not do it once a month. If you still can’t work it out after this explanation, please call us and we will help you.

With RouteVision, do I need to constantly update a form in the car?

No, absolutely not! That is why we are so proud of RouteVision: you need not update any forms. From the day you have the box installed, you can throw those forms away. Everything runs via ‘that box’. You still want a form? Then you can print the report and that’s that.

Do you have a journey registration app?

Yes! We have a wonderful app for journey registration: maybe you overlooked this; but it is still in development. This year (2020) we started the development and the test period. But we already see that our testers are very happy with the app. Do you want to know more about the journey registration app? Click here!

RouteVision journey registration €0.12 a day

Your journey registration costs less than one cup of coffee a day. Calculate your price now based on your current vehicle fleet.

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