Work more efficiently with the vehicle tracking system

12 May 2017 - by RouteVision Netherlands

Do you want to work more efficiently with the vehicle tracking system? Are you an entrepreneur with a fleet of several vehicles? Are several vehicles on the road each day? Then it may be wise to use a vehicle tracking system. In this article you will find all benefits of a tracking system in your company cars on the basis of GPS (Global Positioning System).

Vehicle Tracking System saves time, fuel and money

By installing a tracking system in each company car you know, using a GPS tracker, at any moment of the day where your employees are exactly. Do you need to plan a last minute rush job? With the system you see immediately which employee can be the quickest at the desired destination. In that case, you save a lot of time as well as fuel costs. For that reason, a vehicle tracking system can save you a lot of money eventually.

(Vehicle tracking system - all locations of your vehicles displayed on a clear map.)

How does the vehicle tracking system work

A GPS tracking system consists of a small box and an antenna that can be installed into a car within thirty minutes. Behind the dashboard and out of view for outsiders.

The GPS tracker in combination with special software ensures you can see the locations of all your vehicles at a glance, online on a clearly laid-out map. All vehicles can be followed in real time (live). This means that the progress of company cars is visible minute by minute thanks to a constant update of the system. The journeys are stored and can be viewed at a later moment. In a word, no annoying disputes afterwards anymore.

About the installation of the black box

Invisible installation in the car

Before you can use the black box, our own technicians do the professional installation. We make an appointment for this, on site if you desire. It takes 15 minutes maximum to install the black box. There is no charge for this, we cover the costs.

Vehicle tracking system annoying for employees?

On the contrary. First, the system can take away a lot of frustration from employees who often are in traffic jams on a daily basis or have to make long trips to solve rush jobs. A vehicle tracking system allows much better anticipation of traffic jams and locations of not-planned activities. Because you can see at any time of the day who of your employees is where, you can always employ the right people for the right job.

Second, the user can indicate via a switch whether the journey is private or business. This is a lot more pleasant for both parties as it offers transparency and saves a lot of registration time for users – ideal given the journey registration obliged by the tax authorities. With a vehicle tracking system with the RRS quality mark, you are sure that besides clear maps and reports you also generate a consistent journey registration that meets the requirements of the tax authorities.

Besides, the continuously processed data and registered hours accelerate the invoicing process and your employee or independent entrepreneur will receive their money sooner. Who can be opposed to that?

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