RouteVision Track & Trace System

Track & Trace System

Good for your efficiency

The Track&Trace system is the solution to following moving vehicles using GPS. Many organisations already use Track&Trace systems, but many companies still have to switch to a professional Track&Trace system such as RouteVision’s for business cars. Yes, you heard correctly. You can even track your cars with this technology. Anywhere in the world. This way, you increase the productivity of your employees, save money and your accounts will always be balanced.

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Track & Trace benefits


Do you want to know what the benefits are of a Track&Trace system such as RouteVision? View them below and contact us if you have any questions about a point, so we can provide you with additional information.

Satisfied customers

Track&Trace offers benefits for self-employed people, SME enterprises and large companies. Our thousands of customers provide valuable feedback daily, which we use to increase your benefits even further.

Our technicians

The Track&Trace system is installed by our own technicians. Within 15 minutes they carry out a professional installation of the complete system. No need to worry about it and you can start working with it right away.

Real-time insight

An Internet connection suffices for using our software: you have an insight into the journeys made, productivity and up-to-date position of your vehicle or vehicle fleet 24/7. Continuous insight and oversight thanks to RouteVision.

Low all-in price

The fixed low monthly price ensures carefree use of our Track&Trace benefits. No unexpected costs afterwards, you always pay a low all-in price for the use of RouteVision.

Keeping track of vehicles with Track & Trace


Where are my vehicles and how many hours are worked? The Track&Trace system of RouteVision gives an immediate answer to this type of question. Your vehicle can be traced minute by minute on a well-laid-out map. By keeping track of your vehicles you have more grip on your field service department and no more disputes with customers about invoices.

In addition to these benefits, you also save fuel. The driving behaviour of your employees can be easily analysed. Suppose you see that some employees drive too fast, than you can call them to account for their driving behaviour. This way you avoid expensive speeding fines for your employees.

Real-time tracking

RouteVision’s Track&Trace system passes on coordinates of the cars in real time – minute by minute. Thanks to RouteVision’s Track&Trace you have real-time insight into the current position of your car(s). The active GPS and data connection determine your position accurately and record it for extensive reports. You can also view the current position of your vehicle(s).

BIuilt-in Track&Trace system

Our own technicians install RouteVision’s Track&Trace system into your car within 15 minutes. By appointment and on site, so you can start working with it right away. Next, you can login online for all updated data and reports about your vehicle use. To get access to the overview of your vehicle(s) you can log on to the RouteVision website. Then you have an insight into various reports, including journeys, hours worked, time spent on a location et cetera.

Insight into behaviour on the road

When you have an urgent appointment with a customer, the Track&Trace system is the right solution. You can see at a glance where your employees are and employ the right one. Besides, you also have a better insight into your employees’ behaviour. Are they taking unnecessary breaks, for instance, or are they at locations they don’t need to be? Calling up your employees to ask where they are is a thing of the past from now on.


No circumvention

The Track&Trace system for the business car cannot be circumvented. You can buy the system on the basis of a monthly subscription, with a fixed low all-in price. This makes it simple and affordable to use. Furthermore, it provides you with a system that always works automatically and cannot be circumvented by its users. You have full control of the vehicles from your fleet.

Tracking reports


Tracking reports allow you to present all vehicle movements in a well-organised report. Various reports can be easily converted to PDF or Excel. You have an insight into your vehicles 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You can view the reports of your vehicles on a tablet, smartphone or desktop. Track&Trace of vehicles has never been simpler!

Driving carefree is great

Driving carefree is great, especially if you can get insight into the journey with one push of the button.

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