RouteVision Vehicle tracking system

Vehicle tracking system

You can track each vehicle with RouteVision's reliable network

A vehicle tracking system is aimed at registration of the movements of several vehicles. A technical tool that helps you gain an insight into both costs and revenues of each vehicle. On a clearly laid-out map you can see where your vehicles are. This provides you with an insight into the hours worked, no disputes with customers about invoicing and it saves you fuel.

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Benefits of a vehicle tracking system


Thousands of customers

From self-employed people to companies with several vehicles RouteVision has thousands of customers who provide us with useful feedback every day. This way, we can guarantee top quality.

Our own technicians

The RouteVision vehicle tracking system is installed within 15 minutes by our own technicians. The system becomes operational right away.

24/7 insight

The RouteVision system provides insight into your vehicles, kilometres made and kilometres that have cost you too much money 24/7. Always insight through the Internet!

All-in price

RouteVision charges all-in prices. You don’t have to pay costs afterwards. As soon as the vehicle tracking system becomes operational, you will drive carefree.

Versatile vehicle tracking system


The options of the RouteVision vehicle tracking system are versatile. With the RouteVision vehicle tracking system you can see at a glance where your employees are. Are your employees taking unnecessary breaks? Are they driving much too fast? Are they on locations they do not need to be?

This is all made transparent, so you can save time and fuel. Disputes with customers about invoicing is a thing of the past with the RouteVision vehicle tracking system. You can see the journeys precisely to the metre on your desktop, tablet or smartphone. You can see where your employees are at any moment.

Installation of the vehicle tracking system


The RouteVision system is discretely installed at any location at any time. Within 15 minutes the system is installed in any vehicle. After installation you can use the RouteVision system right away. You always have up-to-date information about your employees in useful and well-organised reports, anywhere, anytime!

Working more efficiently with the vehicle tracking system


Do you like efficiency and productivity? It may seem unthinkable, but a vehicle tracking system really offers an additional benefit: by monitoring your journeys you can work more efficiently with the vehicle tracking system in due course. Moreover, your time registration becomes much easier.

Working more efficiently

Driving carefree is great

Driving carefree is great, especially if you can get insight into the journey with one push of the button.

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